Sunday, July 27, 2008

10 Things I Wish I Knew About the Law When I Was an Engineer

The list below contains the top ten things Mr. Sowell wishes he had known about the law when he was practicing engineering in the U.S. Each of these items will be expanded and given a separate blog entry.

1. Process Safety and the workplace, OSHA, and the Clean Air Act

2. Trade secrets are important – competitive advantage – and how to protect them

3. Why a process patent is almost useless

4. Why a trademark is important

5. Copyright violations that get engineers into trouble

6. What an expert witness should and should not do

7. Constitutional rights in the workplace – Free Speech, Free Exercise of Religion, language codes, does privacy at work exist? Information privacy

8. Environmental regulations, whistle-blower issues, and environmental fines

9. What engineers can take with them to their next job – in their head

10. Conducting engineering business to avoid litigation, or at least minimize it

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