Sunday, June 14, 2009

References for AB 32 Speech June 16 2009

My June 16th speech to American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Los Angeles Chapter, is only two days away. I am very much looking forward to making this presentation. AB 32 is very controversial, with some saying it has already boosted California's economy, while many others (including me) maintain that government intervention of this magnitude and in so many economic sectors (essentially all of them) will kill California.

Below are links to each of the areas of AB 32, provided here for those who want to perform more reading and analysis. There are literally thousands of pages of text thus far, and the regulations for the 2020 goals are on schedule, but not close to completion.

Text of AB 32

Scoping Plan documents and links

Measure Plan Timeline (with links to each measure)

Semiconductor Manufacturers links

Pavley Standards links

Low Carbon Fuel Standard links

Refinery measures links

Cement Plant measures links

Energy Efficiency and Co-Benefits Audits links

Economic Evaluations of AB 32 with peer review links

Cap and Trade links

The following is the proposed draft regulation of November 2009 for Cap and Trade. This proposed regulation will be revised after a public comment period.

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