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Sowell Speeches

Speaking to UC Irvine
student chapter of AIChE in 2013
For groups who want a polished, professional and entertaining public speaker, I am available to speak on a variety of topics.  I have made many speeches over the past few years, with 21 speeches at the last count.  Topics include climate change and the law, energy policy, refining, engineering, process safety, intellectual property, and construction law.  Audiences include professional groups, a law school symposium, industry groups, civic groups, student groups, and private industry.   Speeches last from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the host group’s needs and the time available. 

My background is a practicing and consulting process engineer in the continuous process industries for more than 20 years world-wide, including oil refining, petrochemicals, basic chemicals, and power generation.  Following my engineering career, I studied law and now practice in science and technology law.

Typical comments on my speeches include:

Mr. Sowell is one of the best speakers we have had” – Alan Benson, President of Southern California Section, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  I have been invited to speak 8 times in the past 9 years.

Outstanding speaker.  I wish you were a professor here and we could take your class” – student in chemical engineering at University of California, Irvine, in 2013.  UCI invited me to speak 3 times in the past 2 years.

 "This information is vitally important, and you should present this to every member of Congress and the Senate," -- Paul Helfrey, PE in Chemical Engineering, member Southern California Section AIChE, on the Warmists are Wrong, Cooling is Coming speech. 

      List of Sowell Speeches since 2007.  Links to selected speeches are provided.

1 1.       BP Refinery Explosion – South Texas AIChE, Houston Texas  
Speaking in Houston, TX  Sept 2008, to
South Texas AIChE re BP Refinery Explosion Legal Issues
2 2.       BP Refinery Explosion –  Southern California AIChE
3 3.      AB 32 – Southern California AIChE Los Angeles California
4 4.       Global Warming Laws and AB 32  National AIChE, Nashville Tennessee
5 5.       AB 32  ACEC engineers’ group, Ventura California
6 6.       AB 32  San Diego (San Marcos) Economic Development Group
7 7.       AB 32  Dennis Prager Listening Group in Santa Monica, CA
8 8.       BP Refinery Explosion – Tesoro Refinery, Wilmington CA
9 9.       AB 32 – Anaheim, CA  -- Builders Group
   10.   Patents – Southern California AIChE
1 11.   Intellectual Property – Southern California AIChE
1 12.   AB 32  -  Northern California AIChE, in Walnut Creek, CA
1 13.   Peak Oil and US Energy Policy – Tulane Law School Energy Summit, April 2012, New Orleans
1 14.   Peak Oil and US Energy Policy – UC Irvine Student AIChE
1 15.   Changed Conditions and Construction Projects – Hazardous Materials – LAX management
1 16.   My Career and the Future of Chemical Engineering – Southern California AIChE
1 17.   CAFÉ Standards and Energy – Southern California AIChE, September 2013

1 18.   Practical Tips for Chemical Engineers – UC Irvine student AIChE
Speaking at Tulane Law School, April 2012 on
Peak Oil and US Energy Policy
1 19.   Practical Tips for Chemical Engineers – UCLA student AIChE, October 2013
20.   Top Ten Issues in Chemical Engineering – UC Irvine student AIChE, January 2014

2 21.   Warmists are Wrong, Cooling Is Coming – Southern California AIChE, May 2012

2  22.  Explosion in Ammonia Fertilizer Distributor at West, Texas - Southern California AIChE, September 2014 (Discussed engineering and safety issues, plus legal issues)
 23.  Process Plant Design and Optimization - UCLA student AIChE.  October-December, 2014.  A series of 4 one-hour lectures.

Ethics in Chemical Engineering speech, 4-13-2015 at UC-Irvine
  24,  Ethics in Chemical Engineering - UC-Irvine student AIChE.  April 13, 2015.  

     The speeches are enthusiastically received, with many groups inviting me back for additional speeches.   To schedule a speech for your group, contact me directly by email at @, or send me a message via LinkedIn or FaceBook. 

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