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Skeptic Conference on Climate Change 2014

Subtitle: Skeptics Convene in Desert Heat

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The Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, from July 7-9, 2014, will be in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center.  see link

"Come to fabulous Las Vegas to meet leading scientists from around the world who question whether “man-made global warming” will be harmful to plants, animals, or human welfare. Learn from top economists and policy experts about the real costs and
Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
photo: Roger Sowell
futility of trying to stop global warming.
Meet the leaders of think tanks and grassroots organizations who are speaking out against global warming alarmism. Don’t just wonder about global warming … understand it!" -- Heartland Institute website
I am able to attend this year's conference and am looking forward to meeting many of the presenters and attendees.   The presentations look to be quite interesting, with Anthony Watts (of Chico, California and WattsUpWithThat blog) on Climate Myths, Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham presenting on The Right Climate Stuff, Dr. Abdussamatov presenting on Solar Science and Climate, although that one conflicts with another I would like to see: Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy, and to wrap up Tuesday, Lord Christopher Monckton on International Perspectives on Climate Change. 
Wednesday's lineup includes Dr. S. Fred Singer presenting on Climate Change, Water, and Human Well-being, then Watts again showing his revised US surface stations analysis, a presentation on Reliability of Climate Science, and Dr. Robert Carter presenting on the Global Warming Debate in Australia.  
I would like to attend them all, but unfortunately the presentations run three at a time, so one must choose.   All in, there are 21 presentations in 7 sessions.   
If anyone wants to meet up and visit at the conference, please just send me an email at   It will be great to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends.   See you there. 

Update - 7/7/14, after opening dinner and speakers.  Event has almost filled the ballroom, appears to have the 600 or so attendees.  Met some new people, and saw some old friends.  Also saw some famous skeptics but have not met them.   Interesting conversations at our table at dinner.  

As I have noted before, many AGW skeptics are pro-nuclear.  Therefore, some comments by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher met with scattered applause when he said during his remarks that the US should have by now a much greater fleet of nuclear power plants than we have, but the Three Mile Island event (he did not say meltdown) was overblown because Jane Fonda's movie The China Syndrome was showing at the same time.   I need to find a way to have Congressman Rohrabacher read my Truth About Nuclear Power articles.  

AGW skeptics are fond of saying that we follow the data and question both the data and the conclusions.  That is precisely the same approach one must follow with nuclear power. The data clearly shows the nuclear plants are not economic, and are not safe.  The only conclusion is they must be shut down as quickly as possible, and no more be built.  -- End update 1] 
Roger E. Sowell, Esq. 
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