Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant to Shut Down Permanently

Subtitle: Nuclear Cannot Compete

The Pilgrim nuclear power station in Massachusetts will shut down permanently in 2019, after 47 years of operation.  see link "Plymouth’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station will shut down in 2019"    It is also a testimony, once again, that nuclear power plants do not last for 60 years as the nuclear proponents insist they do.  This one will shut its doors after just less than 47 years of troubled operation. 

Unfavorable economics is listed as the reason, with nuclear power unable to compete with low-priced alternatives for electricity production.   

Once again, as stated frequently here on SLB, nuclear power in the US shows it simply cannot compete.  Leaving aside all issues of safety, health concerns, terrorist targets, excessive water use that harms the water ecosystems, and other non-economic issues, nuclear power is shown by the evidence that it simply is not economic.  Pilgrim is not alone in shutting down, as several other US nuclear plants have either shut down or announced they will soon shut down.  

Some of the nuclear plant owners are screaming for subsidy from the government in a futile attempt to revive a dead industry.  

The list below shows 15 of the 98 US nuclear plants that have either closed, announced their imminent closure, or are in serious financial trouble. 

Vermont Yankee in Vermont,
San Onofre in California,
Kewaunee in Wisconsin,
Crystal River in Florida, 
Oyster Creek in New Jersey
Ginna, in New York
Indian Point, in New York
Fitzpatrick in New York,
Pilgrim in Massachusetts,
Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania,
Davis Besse in Ohio.

Clinton, Dresden, Quad Cities, Byron all have been losing money also, due to wind energy and low natural gas prices.

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey, California

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