Sunday, August 21, 2016

Skeptics Wrangle While Cooling Is Coming

Subtitle:  Imminent Cooling On Display in North Atlantic  

Sometimes I am more than amazed, and this time rather amused, by the commenters such as on today's post at WUWT, by David Archibald (see link).   Commenters arguing over the proper cause of imminent cooling is rather like a family at the kitchen table, arguing over what caused the house to be on fire while the house is burning down around them: an electrical wiring fault, no, it was arson, no no, it was hot embers from the wildfire outside.

Perhaps it makes a difference in the long term, if the evident Atlantic ocean cooling is due to cold water upwelling, or more clouds blocking the sun, or more Arctic ice melting into the Atlantic (but you’re going to need an awful lot of ice for that one).

Perhaps it makes no difference. No one can stop the oceans from upwelling. No one can stop the clouds from forming. And no one can stop Arctic ice from melting now that ton after ton of black soot, ashes, and jet engine exhaust have settled onto the ice and accelerate the melting.

It would be prudent to examine the recent trends in global cooling, then try to determine exactly what can be done to stop the trends or reverse them, or at the very least reduce the rate of cooling.

I stand by my 2012 speech and article, "Warmists Are Wrong – Cooling Is Coming". see link

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