Saturday, July 15, 2017

A New Blog - Conversation with a Chemical Engineer

 A Conversation with a Chemical Engineer my new blog, is up and running.

In that blog, ACWChE, topics will include areas of interest to engineers and non-technical types.  These will be energy in most forms, renewable, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric, and nuclear, plus grid-scale storage in several forms.   There will be articles on the science and data in climate science.  Other articles will address fresh water issues.   Some articles will address state-of-the art vehicles, such as pure electric vehicles, PEVs.   A few articles will consider topics with political implications, especially where issues that are important to ChEs are involved.

Why a new blog?  A few goals are to have more comments, more interaction with readers, and to disseminate the means and methods used by chemical engineers in analyzing and solving problems.   There are an awful lot of problems in this world that could use solving.  Perhaps the chemical engineers' techniques can help.  

There are major issues with resource development, mineral extraction, chemical production of all types, waste management, recycling, chemicals and fertilizers for agriculture, chemical aspects of renewable energy such as batteries and synthetic methane.  There are also areas of improved chemical materials that have desirable properties of lighter weight, more strength, and more resistant to corrosion.   In these and many other issues, chemical engineers have an important role.  I hope to have a conversation about that. 

Roger Sowell, Esq. 

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