Monday, August 17, 2009

False Global Warming from Thermometers

The blog-meister at has a fascinating result from analyzing the temperature record, i.e. the input data, for GISS-temp. What E.M. Smith found, and shows in great detail on his blog, is that long-term thermometers show essentially no warming of the climate since 1879. But, as more thermometers (or temperature measuring stations) were added over time, the warmer locations of the additions caused the average temperature to increase.

His point is that even if GISS-temp accounts plausibly for location factors, e.g. clumps of thermometers, and weights the results accordingly, the addition of measurements from hot locations completely biases the results. There is no CO2-induced global warming, indeed, there is no warming. There may be cycles of warmer years and cooler years, but any overall warming is due to thermometer placement, nothing more.

This is a most important outcome, and should be spread far and wide via the internet, for criticism and verification.

I invite all who read this to visit chiefio's blog, and help spread the word.

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