Thursday, August 27, 2009

Speaker on AB 32

I speak professionally on AB 32 and its effect on Californians, and invite offers to speak to various groups. I have spoken on AB 32 in June 2009 in Los Angeles to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, will speak on the same topic in September to the Northern California section of AIChE, also to the annual meeting of AIChE in November in Nashville, Tennessee, and again in November in Ventura, California to the American Council of Engineering Companies.

AB 32 is a wrongly guided law, based on junk science that does not pass even the basic scientific tests. It is premised on the proposition that Carbon Dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere will lead to massive and unstoppable global warming, polar ice melting, sea levels rising, and heat waves causing death and disease. In my speech, I discuss how AB 32 was passed, what the scientists should have told the California legislators but did not, and how it will adversely impact all sectors of the economy. Companies will close their doors, jobs will be lost, tax revenues will drop, people will leave the state to find jobs elsewhere, and California will grind to a miserable halt.

My speech aims to let people know why AB 32 will be known as the Bill that Killed California, and must be repealed now.

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.

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