Friday, December 11, 2009

Los Angeles is Cold and Dropping Fast

As many of my readers will know, I presently live in a suburb of Los Angeles and therefore am interested in the local weather. I have also been watching the cooling degree days and heating degree days not only in Los Angeles, but also in California and the U.S.A.

Today is an interesting day in light of all that.

As of December 10, 2009, Los Angeles has had more heating degree days than the long-term average for the year. This means that it is getting colder. The cooling degree days are also slightly below average, again indicating it is getting colder. Below is the quote from the local newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, for December 11, 2009 (showing data through December 10, 2009):

Since July 1 Heating Degree Days 164 (yesterday) 160 (normal)
Year to date Cooling Degree Days 1,384 (yesterday) 1,503 (normal)

In addition, the colored map below shows, for the first time in a long time, no yellow, orange, or red areas across the state. For the first 10 days of December, the entire state is colder than the long-term average, and some of the state is much colder than average. The purple areas near Lake Tahoe are between 12 and 14 degrees F colder than average. (Note, this map is updated daily, and the map shown below is a screen shot taken and posted on December 11, 2009 at 10 p.m. PST. click on the graph for a larger image).

Meanwhile, CO2 concentrations around the world continue their steady rise. It is quite apparent that there is a serious disconnect between what the man-made global warming alarmists are saying, and what the actual data is showing.

Who are we to believe, the lying scientists with their manipulated data and their proven wrong climate models, or our own experience and observations?

California's global warming law (AB 32) was based on this bad science.

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