Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Warming in California in November

Following a very cool October, the month of November was only slightly warmer (0.3 deg F) than the long-term average for the state of California.

If the Carbon is Killing Us crowd were correct in their insistence that CO2 is already causing global warming, we should not see charts like the one below. The fact that October was cooler than average, and now November is right at average, while CO2 has continued to rise and rise, shows that draconian state laws such as AB 32 will do nothing to change global temperatures. If high concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere had the impact the alarmists claim it has, then the world would long ago have fried when CO2 concentration was much higher than the feeble 388 ppm we see today. It didn't then, and it certainly will not now or in the future.

This chart is from NOAA's http://www.calclim.dri.edu/ website. (click on image for larger image).

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