Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arizona Says No Thanks to Cap and Trade

The State of Arizona, through Governor Jan Brewer's Executive Order 2010-006 (see this link), has changed its position on, and level of participation in, the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a group of several western states including California, plus some Canadian provinces and the Mexican states that border the USA (see map below, reproduced from WCI website).

The cap-and-trade portion of the WCI will not be implemented by Arizona, "particularly during this economic downturn." Arizona will, however, continue to be a member of WCI. This is of particular importance since one goal of a multi-state coalition for cap-and-trade is to prevent "leakage," the moving of businesses and jobs from one state to another to avoid the cap-and-trade burden.

Also, and significantly, AB 32's cap-and-trade regulation is to create major reductions in the total GHG emissions by 2020. The exact numbers are not yet published. For Arizona to change position and not participate in the cap-and-trade system shows that California is, increasingly, going it alone.

In view of the effort to have the California Jobs Initiative passed at the ballot in November, this shows growing opposition in other states to regulations that are similar to, or a part of, AB 32. Cap-and-trade is a central part of AB 32, and a part that will bring great hardship to California businesses and citizens who are unable to find jobs.

Arizona has just signaled that they welcome businesses from California that are driven out by cap-and-trade rules, and will provide jobs in their state for those businesses.

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey

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