Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Viable New Nuclear Projects in USA

This is very good news for our generation, and for all future generations. The four leading hopefuls in new nuclear plants in the United States each is doomed, and suffers from similar problems. High cost (and it gets higher each month), unpredictable construction durations, and reactor designs not deemed safe by regulatory authorities. Plus, the South Texas Nuclear Project expansion has its major players battling each other in court, not a good sign so early in the game.

The article goes on to state "The four deeply flawed reactor projects are reputed to be the best of the options available, which means that there are no viable candidates in the pipeline to justify the tripling to $54 billion in nuclear reactor bailouts proposed under the White House budget released this week. "

Also, the nuclear reactors in the USA are getting older, and with age comes unexpected failures, shutdowns, leaks, corrosion, and very likely radiation releases.

This is not a good time to be trying to build a new nuclear power plant in the USA.

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.

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