Saturday, August 29, 2015

Imminent Scientist Agrees on Global Cooling

A few weeks ago, an important article was written by Dr. S. Fred Singer on the subject of being prepared for global cooling.  The article is "A Paradigm Change: Re-directing Public Concern from Global Warming to Global Cooling"  see link  and also published in American Thinker.  

Dr. Singer writes, "My main argument relies on the fact, backed by historical evidence, that cooling, even on a regional or local scale, is much more damaging than warming. The key threat is to agriculture, leading to failure of harvests, followed by famine, starvation, disease, and mass deaths."  

He also writes, "But (increasing atmospheric) CO2 is not the answer (to preventing global cooling); its atmospheric lifetime is too long and its distribution is global—a poor match to what is required. In addition, CO2 effectiveness is questionable—or at least controversial—judging by the current temperature plateau (a.k.a. ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’) that has lasted nearly 20 years—and perhaps even much longer."

All of this matches neatly with my 2012 speech, and SLB article (see link) on Warmists are Wrong, Cooling is Coming. 

I also find Dr. Singer's suggested coping mechanism very interesting, as it is the identical method we were taught in 1963 in grade school - dropping black powder (i.e. charcoal) on stubborn ice or snow fields that refuse to melt in the summer.  The sun's rays will melt the snow or ice.   One hopes there is sufficient black soot, charcoal, or perhaps even coal will suffice since the US has lost it's mind and is trying to make coal-burning for power generation too burdensome to continue.  

I highly recommend Dr. Singer's article for reading and discussion.  

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey, California
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Rick S. said...

Roger, an Attorney with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering ?

You're qualified !

Roger I also live/from Southern California and I have been following meteorology since El Nino 1977-1978.

It is "amazing" how stupid and gullible the U.S. population is (Especially Californians) believing what they are told and by not researching themselves the Global Warming hoax/fantasy ?

What is even more incomprehensible is fact that most of the people who believe in this fairytale have themselves lived through decades of weather yet still they believe in some kind of change that never happened !

Still this cooling hasn't really developed yet but still the Great Lakes, Greenland and Antarctica are showing signs of trouble ahead. The possibility of the Arctic Ice returning to at least normal could also happen this Winter 2015-2016 !

That said a deep cooling trend would/will devastate the entire globe and would happen much more quickly then any type of warming trends !

The last time it happened (Ice and Snow on a global scale), 1/4 of the Earth population were wiped out !!!

Global Warming/Climate Change is a total "joke", the opposite of that though is called Global Panic...

Rick -Southern California
Amateur Meteorologist