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Nuclear Plant News for August 23 2015

Subtitle: Plenty of News and All of it Bad

As readers of SLB will know, the Truth About Nuclear Power series of articles included statements that modern nuclear power plants cost far more than $4,000 per kW, also that nuclear power plants do not have a 60 year useful life, unplanned shutdowns occur frequently, and nuclear plants require massive subsidies.   Several articles in the press this past week provide yet more evidence to support the TANP articles.  (see link to the Truth About Nuclear Power articles).

First, the Chinese are building a nuclear plant in Pakistan for approximately $9,900 per kW.  The announced cost is likely too low, and the final cost will likely be several billion more than quoted.  

"KARACHI: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today (20 August 2015) inaugurated construction work on a China-backed $10 billion nuclear power plant here.   The Karachi Nuclear Power Plant II (Kanupp II) with the capacity to produce 1,100 MW electricity is being built with the assistance of China."  -  see link

Second, a nuclear plant in Switzerland is the subject of calls to shut it down due to it being the oldest operating commercial nuclear plant in the world, and not designed for the earthquake risk in that location.   The plant has been operating for 46 years, many years short of 60 that nuclear advocates claim.    see link 

Third, yet another unplanned shutdown of a US nuclear plant occurred on Saturday, 22 August 2015 when the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant shut down without warning at around 4:30 pm local time.   see link 

Fourth and finally, Exelon continues to cry to the government for subsidies to keep its nuclear plants operating.   Once again, the Quad Cities nuclear plant could not win a bid to supply electricity to the grid.  It is a candidate for closure.  see link

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