Friday, January 1, 2016

Review of Activity - 2015

This is a place where a summary of the 2015 year's activity on SLB is shown.  

Total new articles - 38
Views of new articles - 3,390
Total views in 2015 - 35,700
Total blog views from inception to date (2008 - 2015) - 142,000
Total countries visited SLB to date - 147
Total articles published to date - 312

Views of 30-article Truth About Nuclear Power series - 11,051 views (in 2015 alone)
Total views to date for TANP series:  21,250

Most popular articles published in 2015 (most to least)
Thorium Nuclear Reactor Not the World Savior
The View from a Process Engineer
US In a Cooling trend, Winters Much Colder
Mars Colony -  Bad Idea
Australia Nuclear Prospects - Q13-17

My own views of which SLB articles from 2015 are the most important, due to their topic or significance that may, and very likely will, impact society:

1.  Coal Exhaustion Looms - Renewable Energy to the Rescue  (see link)
2.  Energy Supply in Post-Coal America  (see link)
3.  US In a Cooling Trend - Winters Much Colder  (see link)

"Coal Exhaustion Looms" describes the world running out of coal as fuel supply within 50 or 60 years, if present consumption continues.  The economic result is rather large, since approximately 45 to 50 percent of the world's electricity is provided by coal-burning power plants.  This relates to economically, proven recoverable reserves of fuel-grade coal worldwide.  There are approxmately 500 billion tons remaining, at a consumption of a bit more than 9 billion tons per year.  

Closely related to that, "Energy Supply in Post-Coal America" describes the even worse situation for domestic coal in the US, which will be exhausted in only 20 years (by 2035) at present consumption rates.   The article goes on to describe the apparent (or perhaps coincidental) marginalizing of the coal exhaustion problem and official promotion of the non-existent Global Warming from Fossil Fuels problem.   20 years is not very long in utility planning terms to replace almost 40 percent of the US grid's combined energy supply.  Natural gas-fired power plants, and wind turbine energy will be the technologies to supply the power.  

"US In a Cooling Trend - Winters Much Colder" is important because it shows the temperature trend from data from pristine locations that needs zero adjustments, unlike the official temperature data from NOAA.   The winters are cooling much faster than the annual average, at the rate of minus 10.9 degrees C per century.   Policy makers must be made aware of the cooling trend and make appropriate preparations for running the country successfully should this trend of only 10 years be shown to continue.  In short, stop the false-alarmism on Global Warming and began the serious business of life in a much colder, harsher world with far less agricultural output.  

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey, California
copyright (c) 2016 by Roger Sowell, all rights reserved

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