Monday, May 16, 2016

California Renewables More Than 50 Percent

Subtitle: Renewables Not Crashing the Grid

Yesterday, 15 May, 2016, the renewable energy systems in California supplied more than 50 percent of the grid's needs for several hours during the mid-day period.  The figure to the right, from CAISO, California Independent System Operator, shows the relative contribution to the grid for each minute of the day, by energy source.  The two black lines are the same length, giving a visual indication that renewables exceeded all other energy sources during the middle of the day.  

The graph below shows the renewables as a fraction of total grid supply from 10:00 through 17:00 hours.  The heavy black line shows the 50 percent, or 0.5 fraction.   At 14:00 hours, the renewables almost reached 56 percent.   

It is notable that this was a Sunday, when grid demand is relatively small.  The day was also sunny and windy, allowing both solar and wind power to produce more than the average amount of power.  

It is also notable that zero grid disruptions occurred.  The grid functioned smoothly with more than 50 percent renewables for 7 hours consecutively.  

It can be done.  California is proof.  

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey, California
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