Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nigeria Plans 4 Nuclear Plants for $80 Billion

Subtitle: Nigerian Nuclear Plants Most Expensive Ever at $16,600 per kW

"(First one, then t)hree other nuclear plants are being planned, which would take total capacity to 4,800 megawatts by 2035, with each facility costing $20 billion. The first Nigerian plant will be operational in 2025."  -- quote from Today.NG  see link

Nigeria, a producer and seller of crude oil, announced recently that it plans to build four nuclear power plants of 1,200 MWe each for an investment total of $80 billion.   The plant provider is Russia's Rosatom.  

The Nigerian Minister of Power pointed out "the project will make electricity cheap in the country, stressing that diversifying the nation’s energy mix would lead to the utilisation of the various forms of renewable energy sources in the country."

One wonders exactly how cheap electricity will be produced from nuclear plants that cost $16,600 per kW to build.   It is also a mystery how having nuclear plants would lead to installing renewable energy plants. 

This one goes on the list of projects to watch.   It will be interesting to observe the progress, the capital costs, and the on-line factors for these nuclear plants. 

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