Sunday, January 31, 2010

SLB Traffic Sets a Record

I'd like to thank all those who visit Sowell's Law Blog, or SLB. Someone asked me if those who read this blog are called "Slawbers," and I told her I had not heard that one. I suspect there is a better term out there somewhere.

This week was notable for a couple of reasons. First, the traffic increased such that 1000 new visits occurred in only six days. That is the shortest time to 1000 new visits thus far. Second, the world-wide appeal continues, much to my amazement. To all those from countries around the world (90 thus far!), greetings and welcome. It is an honor for me to know that so many people around the world read SLB.

Most Popular Pages

A few pages are much more popular than others, which is to be expected. Early in 2009, in March, the Busted Earth Hour page received many hundreds of visitors. Then in July 2009, Nuclear Nuts had many hundreds of visitors. That one struck a nerve in the nuclear proponents camp! In September, 2009, the page on Hurricanes in Los Angeles was picked up by Watts Up With That and received several hundred visitors. That one ridiculed the man-made global warming proponents, something that is not done often enough in my view. Then, on the first of November, I placed a comment on WUWT with a link to my page on Chemical Engineer Takes on Global Warming, and many hundreds of visitors resulted. That page is the single most visited page on SLB, accounting for approximately 15 percent of all visits. In all modesty, that page should be required reading for every policy maker around the world. Then several hundred more visitors read EPA Declares GHGs a Danger, in mid-December.

However, the most recent ten days has had a flood of visitors, reading Eureka CA Headed for Ice Age, also No Warming From CO2, and Cold Winters Created Global Warming.

The business of exposing the man-made global warming nonsense for what it is, a doctrine unsupportable by engineering, physics, math, and common sense, is too important to be neglected. There are already laws on the books that are forcing enormous changes on our economy and way of life, for example, AB 32 in California. Other such laws are in various stages of development not only in the USA but around the world. It is imperative that these laws be stopped, repealed, or vastly softened in their effects. Good public policy must be based on sound science, and not deceptions, lies, or statistical tricks. There are too many real problems facing policy makers in each country without battling a non-existent foe such as man-made global warming.

That is one of my goals in writing SLB.

Again, my thanks to all who visit and leave a comment on SLB. I do moderate comments, so there is not an instant turnaround. Please be patient, as I read them all and post those that are not spam and are not abusive. Contrary views are welcome, just be nice about it.

Roger E. Sowell, Esq.
Marina del Rey, California

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